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‘We discover both strength and sparkle in your business and transform them into beautiful products.’

Innovation is crucial to sustainable success.

You actually know that. But how to do it?

It all starts with a good idea. However, in order to successfully launch a new product, you must know how to reach your target audience. And how you can do this effectively with the available resources.

We help companies find their best ideas and bring them as successful products to market.

We do this through workshops and innovation prints. The right ideas arise quickly and first sketches are presented. We will then develop successful business models and translate these into real products that resonate with your customers.

Do you want to innovate as powerfully as a multinational and as creatively as a startup? Benefit from our broad knowledge of both worlds and let’s get started together.

With our unique combination of innovation management, product development and design, we find the ideal approach for you.

Curious how the Product Strategists shape your future and grow your business?

what do we do

innovation management

Innovation management makes innovation more than chance. By innovating you can distinguish yourself with new products and services, tap into new markets or change your market.

Managing an innovation process is a complex challenge. The ProductStrategists support you in ensuring the proper progress of your innovation process, safeguarding the power of the idea and optimally exploiting the innovation.

We help you to initiate and maintain a continuous stream of innovations

investor check

You discovered an interesting product idea to invest in. The business plan seems to be sound; the numbers look promising. But how do you know whether this idea will survive as an actual product?

Before you commit, you got more than one question that needs to be answered. You want to make an informed decision.

The ProductStrategen accelerate your validation process by giving you a clear and realistic product vision. Based on relevant analysis and exploration, we help you to choose the right product idea to succeed.

vision of the future

The world changes. Society, the market and technology are changing. This gives opportunities. What do these opportunities mean for your company and your product strategy?

Together we explore the possibilities and formulate the best course and positioning for your company.

design & planning sprints

In the idea phase of a development process it is tempting to lose yourself in all possibilities. As a result, much valuable time can be lost without ultimately resulting in a promising new product.

By working with design and planning prints, your team is forced to make relevant choices in a short time. In intensive sessions spread over a number of days, ideas are generated, validated and developed into promising product service concepts.

The result is a clear description of the desired end result that serves as the start of product development.

portfolio roadmapping

An interesting long-term vision may not be realized in one go.

Together with you, we create a roadmap in which we move from minimal viable product to mature product in multiple projects. The product strategy with various products is planned in a timeline.

A good roadmap provides a clear long-term goal for the entire team, makes it possible to plan resources efficiently and limits the risk in the various phases of the process.

technology assessment

What are the latest technological developments for products and production? What opportunities do these trends offer to take a new course with your company? Which problems can be solved in which sector?

These questions are answered in a technology assessment process. Together with you we map the latest developments and related product service ideas that cause these opportunities.

The result is an inventory of new relevant techniques with which new value propositions for your customers can be created in your company.

strategic design

A good idea is (only) half the battle. All successful products start with a clear strategy in which the strength and positioning of the company and user needs are perfectly matched.

Short and long-term goals are mapped in a roadmap. This overview makes the objective clear to all stakeholders.

product development

The idea is there. The contours of the product are visible. Now a tangible product is needed.

Our experienced product developers convert your idea quickly and effectively into a high-quality product that fulfils its function perfectly and shows its qualities in an elegant design that touches the heart.

We guide the product development process in which we, together with you and a team of specialists, execute the plan from idea to delivery of the first products.

‘Do you need a successful product design that breathes your brand, resonates with your customer and that is also relevant tomorrow?
I help companies create beautiful products with character.’

Originally from Germany, Franziska worked with Microsoft, Panasonic, Unilever and Nokia, among others. Her designs have won multiple prizes and are sold worldwide.

‘You want to achieve a goal. You decide where you want to be and then find out how you can get there. It is fantastic to be able to do this with a team where everyone contributes to a new product.’

Sander has developed a large number of products in different sectors for national and international customers for more than 20 years. In recent years he has mainly been working on medical innovations.

‘From innovative product idea to marketable product:
I support companies to get there.
From selection of the best business model to realization of a market-ready product.’

With both medical and business administration background, Anita works for innovative multinationals, SMEs and startups on the realization of innovative products, mostly for the medical sector.


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